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Preparing for Mediation: A Practical Guide Book Cover

Preparing for Mediation: A Practical Guide

We are proud to announce the publication of Preparing for Mediation: A Practical Guide.


Successful people—in athletics, the arts, education, or business—do not leave outcomes to chance. They prepare for success. You can, too. This easy-to-use guide prepares you to make sound decisions during dispute resolution, leading to successful outcomes.

If you are an attorney you will find Preparing for Mediation an invaluable tool for helping your clients realize the greatest possible benefit from alternative dispute resolution.

If you are a party to a dispute this guide will help you work more efficiently with your attorney to achieve the best possible outcome.

If you are a mediator you can use this guide to educate parties and facilitate their journey through the steps of mediation.

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Under the Tree Book Cover

Under the Tree

Under the Tree presents a rare and compelling vision of the Afterlife. Stone blazes a challenging and enlightening path. You will never think of death the same.

A bold new look at the reality of spirit. A novel for those who like a spiritual challenge. Under the Tree redefines the debate between skeptics and believers. An unusual journey. Unlike any you’ve taken before. A bright light shines on the mysteries that have haunted mystics for generations.

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